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Date: Thursday 30th June 2022 (30/06/2022)
Time: 14:30pm-16:00pm

Learning From Events  - Providers delivering T Levels 

The Education and Training Foundation (ETF) is set to host a series of Learning From events as part of its T Level Professional Development offer.  

These online events are an opportunity for current and future T Level providers to hear about the experiences of those already on their T Level journey and to gain valuable insights from employers. 

A range of different topics will be discussed including curriculum modelling, assessment and effective industry placements. There will also be time for questions. 

Events will be themed by provider with specific sessions aimed at schools with sixth forms, sixth form colleges, and general further education colleges. 

Join us to hear from T Level providers who will be sharing their experiences of planning and delivering T Levels across 4 events. There will be sessions on different topics including; curriculum modelling, assessment and effective industry placements. There will be opportunity to ask questions, collaborate and participate in discussion.